RockqincCSC Partner Program

How would you like to earn an ADDITIONAL of income with MINIMAL EFFORT involved?


Partner with RockqinCSC to make this happen!

Here at RockqinCSC we offer new Cable/Satellite, Internet, Phone & Home Security services from all providers. Top providers like AT&T, Time Warner, Direct TV, EarthLink, & ADT to name a few. Simply the best providers in one place, so residents can compare prices and packages for all the providers available in their area to find the perfect fit for their new home.

That’s great but what’s in it for YOU?

As an agent you come into contact with new residents that are in need of new service daily. When you partner with RockqinCSC you will make revenue on every order place from every provider. We are aware other companies offer incentives as well, but can only be used towards more products and services with that company. Doesn’t sound like great incentive to me. At RockqinCSC we offer cash commission that you can use as you please. Now who wouldn’t like extra cash?


Each agent or complex will be assigned a reference number. You can either process the new order yourself thru the RockqinCSC portal. Or you can give the resident our flyer with your assigned reference number; they can then place order themselves via website or phone.

It’s that simple! WIN, WIN FOR ALL!

Now let’s add you to the RockqinCSC Partner Program!

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